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A concept of working or offering services freelancing has been adopted by professionals all over the world especially working on online freelance jobs.

The best advantage of hiring a freelancing professional is the savings in costs associated with hiring full time personnel and this combined with the internet and today’s flourishing freelancing websites companies all over the world are starting to reap the benefits of freelancing and freelancing jobs.

How to start freelancing and work on online freelance jobs?

If you are contemplating freelancing or simply to start working on online freelance jobs then the best option for you would be to start by creating your freelancing portfolio website.

This website would help you show case your talent as a freelancer to prospective employers from all over the internet.

Freelancing solutions helps you in this regard by allowing freelancers to create a premium freelancing account with us which enable a freelancer to get access to an independent freelancing portfolio website which would then allow such a freelancer to be able to access most freelancing websites and also accept freelancing jobs from within his/her freelancing portfolio website.

Once you are done creating your own freelancing portfolio you have to start registering in freelancing websites all over the world that would either allow you to start working for free or on paid membership.

Freelancing solutions allows you to start working for free and continue to do so for ever. This allows you to get access to the same functionality you get on freelancing websites such as Guru without having to pay any subscription fees.

How to start freelancing and hire freelancers for freelance jobs?

The fastest way to start is to find the some of the best freelancing websites available online today and start submitting your freelancing jobs to those websites.

Some freelancing websites will allow you to submit freelancing jobs to freelancers for free while others such as freelancer will charge you for this service, freelancing solutions allows you to submit unlimited freelance jobs absolutely free of charge and only pay the freelancer.

Best online jobs

Finding online jobs today can be really easy or very difficult depending on how you go about doing it. The first thing you need to do in order for you to find the best online jobs is to set yourself up with a nice freelancing portfolio website and also take some steps on actively promoting your freelancing portfolio online, this will eventually lead to you getting the best online jobs available at any time.

Freelancing solutions also remains the cheapest option for any freelancer to start freelancing so pay us a visit.

Article Authored by Justice Ndou


Freelancing Jobs


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Freelancing Jobs

Working on freelancing jobs or freelance jobs is going to be much easier with the launch of freelancing solutions freelance jobs web application, our application has been in development since September 2014 and is scheduled to be launched by March this year.

However freelance jobs is not the only service available in our as we also have a job market where employers can submit jobs and allow users to also write pre-selection tests to make sure that those who actually submit an application has an understanding of what is required for the job.

Making use of the job market can substantially reduce the costs of hiring new employees for any company or organization.

The Job Market also allows users to create a profile that is automatically submitted to employers every time a job is available thereby lessoning the costs associated with job hunting and also increase the chances of getting a job compared to those not making use of our job market.

By allowing users to build their own profiles we give anyone the flexibility they need to make use of our system successfully.

Freelancers Guide to Freelance Writing Jobs


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Freelancers Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Jobs.

Working as a freelancer on freelance writing jobs is a very rewarding job especially if you know what to do every time. Freelance Writing Jobs-Freelancers Guide Freelancers as in any other kind of profession need proper planning in order to be successful in their chosen field. it is a big mistake to mistake freelancing with get rich quick schemes as the latter do not require the level of skills as required in freelancing or freelance writing jobs.

This means that in order for you to successfully work and make money in freelancing you need to follow the steps below.

Think about the subject your are going to write about.

Working as a freelancer or on freelance writing jobs needs you to choose one or few subjects that you will write about, and the only important thing to consider here in order to work successfully is if you love and understand the subject you are going to write about. more often than not if you love the subject you are going to write about then you will most likely succeed

Create examples of your work as a freelancer or your freelance portfolio.

This is one of the most important part of freelancing or working as an article writer, as your freelance portfolio allows you to showcase your talent more easily and enables you to secure new clients as they will be able to see what you can do from your freelance portfolio.

Think about how you are going to receive and send payments

This is another important aspect of freelancing and can often be combined together with your freelancing portfolio, what i mean here is that you can include within your freelancing portfolio website a means for clients to send you payments for services you are rendering for them.

The most simplest way to send and receive payments is through a business or personal PayPal Account as it also allows you to accept credit card payments directly to your PayPal Account.

To learn more about this issues and more affecting you as a freelancer visit our website

Freelancers Guide to better freelancing jobs?


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Freelancing Jobs-Freelance Writing Jobs-Freelancing Solutions

Freelancers Guide to better freelancing jobs?

When someone is going to start freelancing you need to insure that not only do you get freelancing jobs but you do get better freelancing jobs on offer at the moment. And there are ways in which you can insure this.

As a freelancer you can work on online freelance jobs in which case you have to be able to present your work online in order to be able to showcase your work and potential to those who can hire you for your services, this is called your freelancing portfolio and it’s the key to insuring better freelancing jobs for you.

When you know how to create a proper freelancing portfolio for you target market then you are half way through insuring that you get better freelancing jobs when you need them.

How to create a proper freelancing portfolio to insure better freelancing jobs?

We have already gathered that in order for you to insure better freelancing jobs you have to create the best freelancing portfolio and the steps to insure this are as follows.

The first step on creating a freelancing portfolio.

Find a website hosting service that understands your business, meaning you have to find a website hosting solution for your freelancing portfolio website which if possible do support the kind of business you are running or that supports freelancers.

Freelancing Solutions offers you one of the best freelancing portfolio hosting and development service online today. We make sure that we not only offer website hosting, and development but also insures the visibility of your freelancing portfolio online by letting you make use of our affiliate marketing agents, and also working hand in hand with our freelancers experienced in Search Engine Optimization you can also make sure that your freelancing portfolio website is highly visible in search engines on your choice.

Your freelancing Portfolio must match your skills.

Say for example you work freelance writing jobs then your best bet would be creating your freelancing portfolio based on a WordPress Blog, this allows you to take advantage of WordPress and its easy integration with major social networks while at the same time taking advantage of its easy to use publishing capabilities.

For freelance writing jobs creating a freelancing portfolio with WordPress also has an added advantage that WordPress is the best platform for SEO ever, so making use of WordPress as a publishing platform for your Freelancing Portfolio is the best choice ever.

WordPress also allows a freelance writer to concentrate solely on their skills as a writer and thereby being able to do their best as most of their energy will be spent towards creating a better article rather than on other things as WordPress can take care of things such as posting your articles to Social Networks for you.

An SEO Expert might create their freelancing portfolio based on an HTML based website together with a Blog such as WordPress and maybe a forum based on Buddy Press this allows the SEO Expert to showcase their talent as an SEO Expert on different platforms and thereby allowing them to easily show that they are able to do their job perfectly in every situation.

Succeeding in creating a better freelancing portfolio that enables you to showcase your skills properly is a very important step towards insuring that you get better freelancing jobs at all times but it is not the last step.

However we do not like to leave you empty handed you can continue learning about freelancing and freelancing jobs in our website articles on freelancing jobs here.

The Author is Justice Ndou.

How to find the perfect Freelance Jobs.


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Freelancing Jobs-Freelance Writing Jobs

How to find the perfect Freelance Jobs.

Finding freelance jobs is what freelancing solutions helps you with every day, we make sure that you not only find freelance jobs but freelance jobs that are highly suitable to you as a freelancer.

Freelancing Solutions maintains a Freelance Jobs Portal where freelancers gets to bid on freelance jobs and employers submit freelance jobs to freelancers, and a freelance jobs informational website that actually helps explain everything about freelancing jobs, online marketing jobs, SEO freelance jobs, freelance writing jobs and many types of freelance jobs.

We also maintain a Facebook presents to help our users find us easily and to also be able to interact easily with freelancers in Facebook. So if you have time visit freelancing solutions in Facebook.

We also have a page in Google+ Where freelancers get notified about anything related to freelance jobs or freelancing solutions itself.

Freelancing Solutions did all that to help you find the perfect freelance jobs and we are going to tell you how to make use of the resources mentioned above to find the perfect freelance jobs.

The first steps of finding freelance jobs.

When to decide to start working as a freelancer the first thing you must do is start creating your freelancing portfolio. Your freelancing portfolio helps you show-case your work as a freelancer. This is the first thing you must start doing before you start working for clients of employers.

Freelance Website Developers Jobs.

If you are a website developer you have to develop your own freelancing portfolio website, and it will also serve as the first example of your work as a freelancer.

Freelance Writing Jobs.

You can easily create your freelance writing jobs portfolio on a WordPress Based Blog on any freely available WordPress Hosting Solutions available from all over the internet and freelancing solutions also offers its solution here: you can create your own Freelance Writing Jobs Portfolio within freelancing solutions here.

SEO Freelance Jobs.

Creating a freelancing portfolio for, SEO Freelance Jobs could require that someone actually create a freelancing portfolio allowing for HTML5 Development and WordPress meaning one got to find a custom hosting solution that allows them to create a website with a hosted WordPress Blog that could be accessed as part of his website.

This Allows the SEO Freelancer to showcase his/her Search Engine Optimization Skills easily and be able to cover most aspects of SEO Strategy, therefore able to present a much more complete freelancing portfolio. Freelancing Solutions Offers Such Freelancing Portfolio Hosting Solutions, in its easy website hosting solutions website.

Most people would be able to take the suggestions on creating a useful Freelancing Portfolio above and modify them to suit their situations better and infect we at freelancing solutions actually encourages this as differentiating yourself from other freelancers can be your biggest selling point.


The Second Step is to promote your freelancing portfolio.

When you have finally created that wonderful freelancing portfolio you will still be in need of customers and they won’t magically start appearing in your freelancing portfolio website just because your freelancing portfolio is one of the best, you actually have to promote yourself in order to succeed.

Promoting your freelancing Portfolio through SEO Strategy.

Now this step is a little bit confusing as to when it should actually be implemented and the answer is from day one. You see from the time your freelancing portfolio website was created you should be sure that a decision has already been made as to what kind of an SEO Strategy is actually needed to promote your website, and a full research on Keywords and optimization techniques more suitable for your freelancing portfolio website should be thoroughly conducted, note that you can make use of the services of an SEO Freelancer for this service if you do not possess the necessary skills to succeed.

Finding the perfect freelance Jobs is actually a combination of a lot of skills that actually if you possess all of them or know where to find each skill you need then you success rate will increase tremendously which is why freelancing solutions offers certain solutions created so that freelancers have easy access to everything they need to succeed.

Promoting your Portfolio through Affiliate Marketing Agents.

Our Affiliate Marketing Agents are allowed to adopt certain freelancing portfolios and thereby promote them through their own Affiliate marketing websites. The condition of course would be that affiliates get 30% of each and every income you generate through the freelancers they help refer to your freelancing portfolio website.

You can also do this in exchange for services to such an affiliate marketing agent, such as an ability to promote your website in exchange for your SEO services, Website Development, Article Writing or any other skill you wish to exchange for the privilege of promoting your website.

Promoting your services through our affiliate marketing agents can help you secure the perfect freelance jobs you are always looking for.

There are a lot of things you can do to make sure that you continue getting those freelance jobs that you are looking for, and only this are the ones we discussed in this article however we invite you to continue giving us the tips through the comment section of this article thank you.

The author is Justice Ndou.

How to find Freelancing Jobs


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How to find freelancing jobs?

Any freelancer needs to possess the basic skills needed to secure freelancing jobs if they are serious about freelancing or working on freelancing jobs. The reason is even if you are working on a freelancing website with great support you will still need to negotiate your way around the conditions you accept a certain freelancing job, you will still need to write a convincing freelance job proposal for even a certain freelance employer to take you seriously.

The other important aspect of finding freelancing jobs is creating a decent freelancing portfolio website as it is a key into convincing a freelancer of your worth.

How to write a decent freelancing jobs proposal as a freelancer?

When you write a proposal for a certain freelance job note that the employer or freelancer is only interested in what you can do for them, how you are going to do it, how long you will take, and also what extras can they get by working with you (employers loves freebies too).

So this is how you are going to answer this questions.

How you are going to do the freelance job?

This question is the most important as in answering this question you are actually telling your employer how qualified you are for the freelance job, there are things which you must be clear on when writing this part of your proposals.

State exactly what you are going to do to complete the freelance job.

And the tools you are going to use to achieve your task if there’s more than one way of achieving the task specify exactly why you would use the method you selected and the benefit to the employer.

Make sure not to exaggerate when specifying what you are going to do on the freelancing job.

This is very important because if you exaggerate then it will be a problem later on when you can’t deliver on your promises.

Make sure to state all the advantages of doing the freelancing job the way you would.

You might want to specify the disadvantages if there are any because if you do not it might become a problem later and you might end up in a conflict with your employer often leading to the freelancing job not getting completed. So state all the advantages and disadvantages as well.

How long will you take to complete the freelancing job?

When writing your proposal this is the second most important section of your proposal misunderstandings here could lead to a lot of problems for both you and the employer so you need to understand clearly how long the employer is willing to let you work on the freelance job and how long you are can work on the freelancing job if you think the time frame is not enough for you to complete the freelancing job then do not accept this.

Note that even if you specify the time it would take you to complete the freelancing job some employers might feel the need to rush you, so do not be tempted to do a half job they usually thank you when the whole freelance job is complete and realizing what a great job you have done they will thank you, often leading to good reviews but if you let them hurry you, the result might not be that satisfactory and they will accuse you of wrong doing often pointing out that you are the one who knows the job so you should have told them you need more time.

What’s in it for me?

Answer this question for your employers it is very important and it let them know you are serious and sure of your skills, when answering this question, just specify what you can realistically do for the employer, say your employer is asking you to write for them ten articles a week for four weeks then you might add that you will add two more articles every week which they get for extra if they work with you, this tells the employer that he/she is getting good value for their money by working with you.

So if you get all that start freelancing it is good for you.


Freelancing Jobs


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Freelancing Jobs-Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelancing Jobs.

Freelancing jobs are those jobs that are available to those who are willing to work for a certain company or organization just for the duration of such a job, and then at the end they can go their separate way. Most companies internally and locally are more willing nowadays to employ freelancers than it was say three years back.

Hiring freelancers is more appealing to companies and organization as it allows them huge savings in employee payroll checks than it would have been if they were to employ full time staff for each of their responsibilities.

Online freelance jobs.

There are those kinds of jobs which we can call online freelance jobs as they are available online and freelancers can easily complete them online, and as it so happens there are a lot websites today that are available which allows freelancers and employers to work online with each other on online freelance jobs. Online freelance jobs are mostly IT related jobs which can be completed using a computer and then also submitted using that computer over to the employer or the person who requested such an online freelance job.

Freelance Writing Jobs.

Freelance writing jobs are another kind of freelancing jobs that can also be called online freelance jobs as they are also available online. Mostly the employers are looking for copyrighters, promotional writers, researchers on specific fields, SEO writers, Bloggers and general writers. Such jobs are mostly offered not as a onetime deal but in most of the cases the employers need the freelancer to continue writing for some times as they might be looking for a lot of articles.

Why freelancing jobs.

Most of the people will start taking freelancing jobs as an attempt to patch-up their costs of living, that is they might use the extra money they can get from freelancing jobs to pay for that holiday they were wishing for, but before long they found out that they can earn much more from freelancing jobs than in their ordinary jobs and that is how most people started.

But the question of why you should start is more personal in my case I just like the money and the challenge of getting some new challenges everyday it makes life worth living. Freelancing jobs gives me more challenges in a month than most people ever get in year, and it makes me enjoy every moment of that life, as it is eventful and full of surprises.

Start freelancing today.

Freelancing Jobs


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Freelancing Jobs

We provide an environment where freelancers can work accepting freelancing jobs and also able to hire other freelancers to do their freelance jobs. Freelancing solutions does not offer its freelancing services for a fee we offer our services for free both to freelance employers and also freelance workers.

Providing Online freelance jobs.

We allow freelance employers to be able to submit freelancing jobs for free in our website those allowing them to be able to have much more funds to be able to hire freelancers to the their actual work, we have done our best to make sure that our freelancers and employers are the ones that benefit at the end of the day.

The most important aspect of freelancing is that a freelancer must be able to secure decent freelancing jobs. without freelancing jobs then freelancers cannot succeed meaning if you want freelancers to be able to work successfully you have to be able to provide them with opportunities, this is why freelancing solutions has created a directory of freelancing articles where it teaches everyone how to start freelancing and continue to do in a successful manner. However we have continuously noticed than in order for a freelancer to be in a position where employers trusts such a freelancer it takes a while either due to the fact that even their profile and portfolio has nothing to show client wise. And in order to enable our freelancers especially those starting out not to experience this problem so much, we allow a form of working called premium freelancing where a freelancer gets to build his own separated freelancing portfolio website, and then able to accept freelance jobs from employers from this website, although this form of freelancing can only be used successfully by seasoned professional freelancers we however encourage them to make use of the services of un-experienced but capable freelancers to build up their teams those allowing those team members to build a convincing freelancing portfolio for their clients.

Freelance Writing Jobs


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Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelancing Solutions has created an opportunity for those who are looking for online freelance Jobs to start working as soon as possible within our freelance websites. We also provide online jobs for students . Who are looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash in order to complete their schooling? Our websites continue to provide online freelance jobs to those who needs them mostly and we make sure that our services remains free to both freelancers and employers alike.

Online Freelance Jobs

Working on freelancing jobs still remains as one of the most secure means of earning an income over the internet, and it is a highly reliable method to earn a living finally being adopted in huge numbers by Americans and Indians as some of them cannot earn enough money from their traditional jobs and as such they start freelancing to better support their families.

In other situations people start freelancing because they do not have any other way to earn an income except by working as a freelancer. In this situations some people are retrenched from their jobs while others turns to online freelance jobs because they cannot get any other traditional job.

Online Jobs for students

While we understand how and when ordinary people start freelancing there’s another group of freelancers such as students freelancers who start freelancing as a results of not having enough money while they are in college or university meaning that they have to use the skills they are learning in the same university or college to earn an income. Hence freelancing solutions also providing online freelance jobs for students.

No matter how people start freelancing or working on online freelance jobs the fact remains that it is now one of the fastest growing industry in the world today, taking over two of the world largest populations by storm and by the way things are going it seems that freelancing would have become an expected way of anyone coming out of school to earn a living in less than 5 years from today.


Freelancing Jobs


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Freelancing Jobs

When working as a freelancer everyone needs access to good decent freelancing jobs without having to pay a lot of subscription fees for it, what I mean is it would be great and really helpful if people can access freelancing services for absolutely free of charge and work every day like that for the rest of their lives, after all the reason people look for work is because they need money.

Freelancing Solutions provides free freelancing services.

What we do in freelancing solutions is that we provide everyone with free freelancing services that enables everyone to work without having to pay any service fees. And the way we do this is not to provide a limited account, but we provide a full account which is unlimited in anyway.

This allows our freelancer and employers to enjoy an unlimited service in our website without having to worry about costs of their operations, but only minding their own business.

Our freelancing website welcomes everyone to start working or employ our freelancers and we will continue to provide this service for as long as there are people out there who are still looking for a good website where they can work as freelancers without any problems.

Our website allows freelancers in the following fields to work:

  • Website Development.
  • Article Writing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Online Marketing.
  • Graphic Design.


So if you are interested working with us or you are just looking for someone to help you out with any of the above mentioned services then you are welcome to make use of our services.

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